NLEO Memorial Tournament

There is a golf tournament being held every year at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, U.S.A. This tournament is known as the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Golf Classic. It is not a surprise to see law enforcement personnel gathered together which is almost a thousand in number. From all of the states of America, many are participating in this great event being held every year. Both male and female law enforcement officer can be seen at the venue. The purpose of the tournament is inspiring.

The players do not compete just to have fun or to win the prize for their own. A retired police officer named Dan Morphet who came to visit his co-workers who already passed away at Washington D.C Memorial Walls wanted to help the families of his former co-police officers. For this reason, he made a plan to do an annual golf tournament in the golf courses of Myrtle Beach. The main purpose of the golf tournament is to raise money and start the fundraising golf tournament.

The plan was approved and the tournament even became the world’s largest law enforcement tournament. Through Dan Morphet, many of the law enforcement officers were greatly inspired and were willing to be a part of the main purpose or vision of the golf tournament. With the prizes collected, the winners willingly donate it for the maintenance of the Memorial Wall. The families of the fallen officers also receive help through the funds given as a donation. It is a great way to help those in need.